I am a human like you. Somewhere in my youth a strong predilection for drawing over-took my soul. Now I breathe art like air. I try whenever possible to share my love and experience of art with adults and children. 

I don’t believe in artists. I believe in people and their creative powers. An artist is considered an elite outsider. A creative is considered someone who embraces and plays actively with the tools at hand - the mind, body and soul. A creative becomes an expert at living the truth through playful trial and error. Most young children play freely, most adults are afraid to play because the game evolves and the rules aren’t deemed important by society.

Everyone has these creative powers, whether it be to cook delicious meals, paint vibrant colors, do a breath-taking dance, solve the problems we face in our communities or re-think how to educate a child.

I think the closer you get to your true creative calling, the more you can contribute back to the community of humans you are living around. There is no higher calling than helping those in need - this also includes yourself if you are indeed, in need. If you have energy to spare it’s meant to be divided amongst those you can most effectively aid. Having the clearest direction possible will make your impact the strongest.

Creating in different forms, art, cooking, singing, playing, inventing, will increase your clarity as to which direction you should aim your energy. The more you stretch this muscle known as the brain, the more connections you strengthen, the more super powers you will gain.

I hope to give artistic tools to children and adults so that they may explore their calling with new visual perspective. I hope to create spaces for communities to come together, create, play, laugh and remember the rules to limitless creativity.



Work and Education

Teaching Experience

In the process of establishing Atelier Toriko in Geneva. A space for children and adults to learn art techniques, enhance their creative capacities and gain tools to heal through the arts. Aims to teach painting, drawing and facilitate expressive arts workshops.

Currently a painting teacher at Atelier du Square, a facilitator at the Authentic Art Ateliers and a private Drawing teacher, 

Workshop leader self created educational art workshops centered around "Cloki’s World" children’s books, and Expressive Arts Therapy, Comic Books, Arts and Crafts.

Teaching English experience in Amsterdam, Vancouver, Tokyo and Geneva from 2011 - 2016 in summer camps, schools, after-school daycare, privately and on-line.

Art Experience

2018 - Exhibited “Then Only Lonely Cloak” & Tokyo Illustrations at Foound, Geneva Switzerland.

2018 - Exhibited “The Only Lonely Cloak” at Le Salon du Livre de Genève, Switzerland.

2017 - Exhibited “Cloki’s Light” and “Cloki Loves Opposites” at Le Salon du Livre de Genève, Switzerland.

2016 - Exhibited The Hero’s Journey for The Peace Experience Event, Geneva, Switzerland.

2014 - Sold children’s books at Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

2011 -2014 - Self published three children’s books “Cloki’s Light”, “Cloki Loves Opposites”, “Kata’s Cook Book” 

Art related skills : Painting ink, watercolor, gouache, oil, acrylic, collage, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, stop motion, drawing, felting.

Educational Background

2011 - Bachelors of Art in Illustration - Parsons Paris - Paris, France

2011 - TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate - TEFL International Paris - Paris, France

2018 - Masters of Art in Expressive Arts Coaching, Consulting and Education - European Graduate School - Saas Fee, Switzerland

Language Skills

Speaks English and French fluently. Speaks Dutch conversationally. Speaks German, and Japanese with the best of intentions.